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The aim of EPHect is to foster harmonised, collaborative, large-scale, studies to advance our knowledge of endometriosis and adenomyosis.

Registering your centre as utilising the EPHect tools will allow other academic and/or industry partners to get in contact with you directly for potential multi-centre collaboration – in the knowledge that you are using the highest standards of data and sample collection and processing in endometriosis research.

If you are using the EPHect tools, and wish to be part of this global network, then please register your centre using the form below. (Please note this form does not work in Internet Explorer 8, so you would need to use another browser).

Ethical/IRB Approval

In order to register your centre, you need to have full approval from your local and/or regional ethics committee/institutional review board for the use of the EPHect tools in your studies.

You need to have full approval from your local and/or regional ethics committee/ institutional review board for the use of the WERF EPHect tools in your studies in order to register on this website. Please come back and register once these approvals are in place. If you have any queries then please email us at

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